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Design to Consumer Value

Design to Consumer ValueDesign to Consumer Value

Design to Consumer Value

Deciding what features and attributes a consumer is willing to pay for doesn't need to be guess work. CJB and Associates uses a proven methodology to find intelligent margin enhancement with a consumer first mindset. Too often "value" means stripping down the product to cut costs. While margin enhancement is important, we always keep the consumer first in mind. CJB's proven approach gets to what matters most to the consumer and what they are willing to pay for . . . or not. We learn what the consumer considers valuable for the added cost and then optimize the formula and package accordingly. We validate the revisions with quick and affordable consumer product testing.

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Other Services

Providing Organizational Development Consulting Services

Besides organization structure, CJB offers in depth leadership and people development workshops.

Product Innovation Ideation

Kick-start your innovation with a proven process for ideating against strategic areas of opportunity in 1 to 3 days.

Scientific research and development

CJB conduct a range of scientific research and development.

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