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Our Services

Product, Strategy, & Innovation

R&D and Innovation StrategyR&D and Innovation Strategy

R&D and Innovation Strategy

Grow and benefit from the expertise of a proven team of industry leaders.

CJB has worked with some of the largest CPG companies to help them with their Innovation strategy and how to best organize for getting more impactful innovation

Product Innovation IdeationProduct Innovation Ideation

Product Innovation Ideation

CJB and Associates can help you kick start your innovation with a proven process for ideating against strategic areas of opportunity. We have worked with large and small companies to develop an innovation strategy thru ideation. The output is a short list of product and marketing concepts that have the potential for building incremental business. A typical session goes from 1-3 days depending on the scope. We begin by clarifying the innovation objectives and defining success. Ideas start close in and move well beyond the comfort zone.

Innovation AssessmentInnovation Assessment

Innovation Assessment

Carlos Barroso and his team will conduct a thorough analysis of your company’s innovation capabilities and provide a detailed overall assessment of your product development life cycle opportunities from ideation to commercialization and actionable recommendations.

Open InnovationOpen Innovation

Open Innovation

CJB and Associates has direct experience building R&D networks with hundreds of external research partners around the world. We can tailor build a network for your R&D needs giving you a powerful body of best in the world scientists and engineers. Create layers of competitive advantage by building proprietary technology from leading experts.

Design to Consumer ValueDesign to Consumer Value

Design to Consumer Value

Deciding what features and attributes a consumer is willing to pay for doesn't need to be guess work. CJB and Associates uses a proven methodology to find intelligent margin enhancement with a consumer first mindset. Too often "value" means stripping down the product to cut costs. While margin enhancement is important, we always keep the consumer first in mind. CJB's proven approach gets to what matters most to the consumer and what they are willing to pay for . . . or not. We learn what the consumer considers valuable for the added cost and then optimize the formula and package accordingly. We validate the revisions with quick and affordable consumer product testing.

Quality AssuranceQuality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Whether it's bringing acrylamide levels down or performing a global food safety gap analysis, CJB and Associates can help you improve your regulatory and safety systems. We also know how to design and implement pragmatic and robust Quality Assurance programs to insure your consumers get the quality you desire.

Additional Services

Scientific research and development

CJB conduct a range of scientific research and development. Projects have included analytical characterization of target fish species for a cellular aquaculture company. We have also evaluated cooking appliances such as the Revolution Toaster for claim support and algorithm optimization.

Market Research Consultation

CJB and Associates works closely with ACB Research ( to conduct consumer product tests. For example, we recently completed a product test on the Venice Beach boardwalk with over 400consumers. CJB offers market research consultation for products testing as well. Carlos Barroso spent several years in the Market Research Dept. of Procter& Gamble and has designed dozens of product and consumer tests.

Consumer product safety testing consultation

CJB conducts Technical and Scientific Advisory Board workshops (TAB / SAB) for assessing product safety. Past projects have included assessing the product safety of High Pressure Pasteurization for baby food.

Providing Organizational Development Consulting Services

CJB offers an Innovation Assessment which includes organizational development consulting services. Besides organization structure, CJB offers in depth leadership and people development workshops.

Business Strategy

CJB offers general business consultation for developing or updating a strategic plan. We work across functions including R&D, Marketing, Supply Chain, and Sales. Typically, this will be preceded by an innovation assessment strategy across those functions. CJB has helped several Fortune 500 companies with their strategic plans both in the U.S. and Internationally.

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Case Studies

Some of the Facts

$10 Billion CPG company

Facilitated a session with the senior R&D team and worked with the team to implement a new innovation operating model.

$2 Billion CPG Company

CJB helped the company design their new R&D Center fostering much closer interaction with R&D and the other functions.

European Biscuit Company

Led an innovation assessment with specific recommendations for improving their innovation process and hit rate.

European Edible Oil Company

CJB led a customer strategy session to expand their customer based for value added oils.


Shortly after the breakup of Sara Lee holding, we created a long term innovation pipeline leveraging CJB’s global network of external solution providers.

Large European Ingredient Company

Developed a strategy to prioritize their R&D bets to meet CPG needs for health & wellness products.

Large coffee chain

CJB conducted an Innovation Assessment leading to a more robust front end stage gate. A new product ideation session that included the CEO led to new food offerings that are still offered in the stores 10 years later.

Major US Retail Chain

CJB led the strategy development for a major category for their store brand business and worked with co manufacturers to go beyond national brand equivalent to preferred vs. national brand. Their sales lift was immediate.


In a matter of weeks CJB and team lowered the sodium level for Popchips by over 25% AND improved product acceptance.

Weight Watchers

Multiple product Innovations for their on premise food and beverage offerings led to incremental revenue.

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